Friday Night Pipes

September 6, we helped the St. Stephen's Spartans kick off their football season as they went up against the School of Austin Regents. The band marched up the walkway playing a Quick March Medley, followed by several of the team supporters. It was perfect timing as the last note was played the final mom made her way through the gates and onto the field.

Spring Ceilidh

Silver Thistle hosted its annual Ceilidh (KAY-lee, Gaelic for Party) at Scholz’s Beer Garden on Sunday May 26! The weather was steamy and the crowd was….well, a crowd! The band performed some of its tried and true sets and tried out some new ones. Like a group Piobaireachd. There was a great bake sale with Lemon Bars, Cream-filled oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies, cupcakes, shortbread and (a New York favorite) Black and Whites.

Saint Patrick's Day 2013

HELLOOOO St. Patrick's Day!

St. Paddy's day will be celebrated on Sunday, March 17th, 2013. We've done it again this year and successfully cloned ourselves so that we can play all day long and all over town.  So, come on out and see us!  We'll start playing at lunchtime and early afternoon at Opal Divine's Freehouse, Marina, and Penn Field; and at dinner/early evening at NXNW, and Opal Divine's Marina. We will be playing at many other venues; please reference the schedule below and come on out and have a good time.

Borderfest 2013

STPD has been making a run for the border the first weekend in March for the past several years to participate in Hidalgo’s International Music Festival known as Borderfest.  The band has been so well received that we have fans from all over the nation, Canada and Mexico who seek us out every year!